“CQTC100: Anarchism Is Not a Dirty Word,” UB Art Galleries, Buffalo, Summer 2020.

—— summer program and symposium with Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky), organized by Liz Park

“To capture camaraderie, or let go,” workshop/presentation as part of Field School on the Frame, convened by Alexander Robinson (USC Landscape Architecture) and Aurora Tang (CLUI), University of Southern California, August 2020.

On Listening, Newsletter + Limited Edition LP for LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, co-edited with Wendy Gilmartin, Fall 2019.

“From the syllabus to the city and back again,” Wendy's Subway, New York, USA, Aug/Sep 2019.

—— publication residency and installation with Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky), organized by Rachel Valinsky [link to publication]

I have an opinion entirely different either than the dean’s or the teacher’s, published by Edits, ed. 75, Fall 2019.

—— sourcebook compilation volume of two design workshops at University of Minnesota (Karen Lutzky) and University at Buffalo (Chris Lee)

“Loosely Assembled,” SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada, Feb 15- Apr 15, 2019.

—— exhibition design by Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky), organized by Danielle St-Amour

“Barely Edible Documents,” text, in C Magazine, Issue 141, Spring 2019.

Less recently, but still pretty recently in the grand scheme of things,

Construction Company, project proposal shortlist for the competition “Staging Construction,” Materials & Applications, Los Angeles, USA, Fall 2018.

“Listening to a Gesture,” workshop/presentation with Rennie Tang at the conference We Are All Able Bodies, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain, Fall 2018.

Costume en Face, second printing and digital proof available for download, Ugly Duckling Presse, Fall 2018.

—— translated from the Japanese by Sawako Nakayasu, book design by Steven Chodoriwsky, edited by Yelena Gluzman

“Syllabus as Utopia,” participation in Université d'été Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, Summer 2018.

“Appendix,” text in Neha Choksi — Dismantling, Hesse Press, Summer 2018.

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