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Elision fields. Text on the occasion of the exhibitionGhost Pearls” by Kristin Posehn, Granary Arts, Ephraim, Summer 2023.

Don’t belabour!: performing bodies in the design studio. Presentation at the AMPS conference “Applying Education in A Complex World,” Sheridan College, Toronto, April 2023.

Qua. Performance event, Finch Lane, Salt Lake City, February 2023. Featuring contributions by Nora Price, Angela Rauf, Kiernan Grissom, Sarah Israelsen, Ahenne Selli, Curtis Shosted, and Cooper Boswell.

A picture of a nondescript corner in a temporary and reviled building taped up in a nondescript corner of a permanent and beloved building. Exhibition at Finch Lane, Salt Lake City, January–February 2023. 

This is sus·tain·a·bi·li·ty. Site-specific ensemble performance, December 2022. Presented by the Multi-Disciplinary Design program's sophomore cohort as part of the course DES2810 Design History Theory, convened by SC, and generously supported by a Sustainability Office small grant, University of Utah.

Thinking, hesitating, acting, hesitating, thinking. Presentation at the conference “Landscape and Sustainability: Listening to Multiplicity,” Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, October 2022.

A picture of a nondescript corner in a temporary and reviled building taped up in a nondescript corner of a permanent and beloved building

It's maybe wrong to base it on feeling. Playscript and photobook, published by Edits in a first edition of 11 copies, Spring 2022. With featured contributions by Roxcy Stanley and Lex Barrus. [Please contact for a copy!]

F: Reconstituting Tolstoy College. UB Art Galleries, Buffalo, September 2021–March 2022. Exhibition organized by Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky) & Liz Park, with contributions by Ben Balcom, Kameelah Janan Rasheed & Assembly House 150.

Crater Canticle. Audio work on the occasion of the event “Casting Glances,” itself part of the exhibition “Inverted Dome” by Kristin Posehn, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, February 2022.

You climb the walls, you're made of string. Zoom-based ensemble performance for the Collections Engagement Grant symposium, University of Utah, November 2021. With featured contributions by Roxcy Stanley, Chanté Burch, and Mike Rock.

Less recently, but still pretty recently in the grand scheme of things, all things considered,


SC appointed Assistant Professor in Multi-Disciplinary Design, University of Utah, Fall 2021.

SC confirmed as discussant in 1:1, a curricular initiative of Southland Institute, Fall 2021.

The once upon a time state of the school of the state. University of Utah, Spring 2021. Collections Engagement Grant and design research as part of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the J. Willard Marriott Library's joint initiative “Landscape, Land Art, and the American West.” With contributing researchers Roxcy Stanley and Lex Barrus.

About at. University at Buffalo School of Architecture & Planning, March 2021. Contribution to the digital symposium “20 Years, 21 Banham Fellows,” organized by Joyce Hwang, Zherui Wang, and Mustafa Faruki.

Subject to change: syllabus as publication. Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair, February 2021. Panel discussion with Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky) and Southland Institute (Joe Potts, Adam Feldmeth) as part of The Classroom program series [link to archived video of event].

SC appointed Visiting Assistant Professor in Multi-Disciplinary Design, University of Utah, Fall 2020.

CQTC100: Anarchism is not a dirty word. UB Art Galleries, Buffalo, Summer 2020. Summer program and online symposium with Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky), organized by Liz Park [link to program syllabus].

To capture camaraderie, or let go. University of Southern California, Summer 2020. Workshop & presentation at Field School on the Frame, convened by Alexander Robinson (USC Landscape Architecture) and Aurora Tang (Center for Land Use Interpretation),

On Listening. Newsletter & Limited Edition LP for LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, co-edited with Wendy Gilmartin, Fall 2019.

From the syllabus to the city and back again. Wendy's Subway, New York, September 2019. Publication residency & installation with Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky), organized by Rachel Valinsky [link to publication].

I have an opinion entirely different either than the dean’s or the teachers'. Published by Edits in a first edition of 77, Fall 2019. Sourcebook compilation volume of two design workshops at University of Minnesota Landscape Architecture (Karen Lutzky) and University at Buffalo Graphic Design (Chris Lee). [Please contact for a copy!]

Loosely assembled. SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada, February 15 to April 15, 2019. Exhibition design by Collective Question (Julie Niemi, Chris Lee, Steven Chodoriwsky), organized by Danielle St-Amour

SC appointed Visiting Assistant Professor in Architecture, University of Utah, Fall 2019.

Barely edible documents. Text in C Magazine, Spring 2019.

Construction company. Project proposal shortlist for the competition “Staging Construction,” Materials & Applications, Los Angeles, USA, Fall 2018.

Listening to a gesture. Workshop & conference presentation with Rennie Tang at We Are All Able Bodies, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain, Fall 2018.

Costume en face: a primer of darkness for young boys and girls. Second printing and digital proof available for download, Ugly Duckling Presse, Fall 2018. Translated from the Japanese by Sawako Nakayasu, book design by Steven Chodoriwsky, edited by Yelena Gluzman.

Syllabus as utopia. Symposium participant in Université d'été Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, Summer 2018.

Appendix. Essay in Neha Choksi—Dismantling, Hesse Press, Summer 2018.

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Steven Chodoriwsky is a designer, artist, writer, and educator. His research-centered practice engages with performance and interdisciplinary platforms, pedagogical models, and speculative acts of reading and writing with the built environment. His projects employ a diverse range of media including site-specific installation, workshops, publishing actions, theatre pieces, and audio-visual artifacts. 

Based in Salt Lake City, he is Assistant Professor in the Division of Multi-Disciplinary Design at the University of Utah. Prior to this, he taught at Cal Poly Pomona, Cornell, and at the University at Buffalo, where he held the Peter Reyner Banham Fellowship. He was educated in architecture at the University of Waterloo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, as a recipient of the Monbukagakusho Government of Japan Scholarship. He has also held art/design research positions at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, and the Center for Contemporary Art, Kitakyushu.

Chodoriwsky has exhibited and performed work at venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, and the Suzuki Company of Toga International Theatre Festival, Japan, among others. With curator Julie Niemi and designer Chris Lee he is a member of Collective Question, a working group that studies structures of resistance through archival research and exhibition production. Recent projects include F: Reconstituting Tolstoy College at UB Art Galleries, Buffalo, and Loosely Assembled at SBC Gallery, Montreal. 

As a writer, Chodoriwsky has contributed texts on spatial and cultural production to volumes of Scapegoat, San Rocco, C, and the Informal Market Worlds Atlas, among others. He is book designer of “Costume en Face” (Ugly Duckling Presse), co-editor/designer of “This is Not A Wall: Collected Short Stories of CODA’s Party Wall” (Cornell AAP/Actar), and self-publishes experimental print documents for organizations and ad hoc occasions under the loose moniker EDITS.